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Update On Release Timing

The nzyme rewrite has been in development for approximately six months now, and we are nearing the first installable release. As I articulated in my January blog post, to maintain quality and thoroughness, we refrain from making commitments or promises about roadmaps or release dates. Nevertheless, we’re almost at a point where the software can be installed, and I’d like to seize this opportunity to update the community about our next steps.

June 6, 2023

Development Update 001

I’ve been working full-time on nzyme for three months, and I’d like to share an update on our progress. Presently, I’m reporting from my home office, though I’ve mostly been working at my new downtown office. In this initial development phase, our primary focus has been on building the infrastructure and management features.

April 7, 2023

A New Chapter Begins

Today, I am incredibly excited to announce that I left my job to work on nzyme full-time. Working as the founder and CTO of Graylog for almost ten years and helping it grow to more than 125 full-time employees, I have learned a lot.

January 22, 2023