Defend your Wireless Networks

Nzyme is a free and open WiFi defense system that detects and physically locates threats using an easy to build and deploy sensor system.

Monitor the entire WiFi spectrum

  • The nzyme dashboard gives you a tactical overview of the entire WiFi spectrum in range. Recent threats are listed for further investigation.
  • Current status and health of your nzyme sensor system is accessible in an instant.

Alerts for anomalies

  • Alerts are raised when the recorded WiFi environment does not exactly match your expectation. An unknown access point advertising one of your networks?
  • Known attack platforms like the WiFi Pineapple or pwnagotchis are detected based on their fingerprint.

Dive into the data

  • All WiFi channels can be monitored and relevant data is stored for analytics and automatic alerting.
  • Structured frame data can be forwarded into a Graylog setup for threat hunting and long-term analysis.

Locate any source of WiFi frames

  • Use nzyme to command a fleet of tracker devices ready to locate any source of WiFi frames.
  • Physically locate any source of WiFi frames like an attack platform or a rogue access point based on target attributes and signal strength.

Know who is around.

Continously monitor all WiFi management traffic to see what is really going on around you and be alerted the moment reality deviates from the expectation.

Popular attack platforms like the WiFi Pineapple or pwnagotchis are detected automatically and reliably the moment they are powered on.

Intelligent Detection

Nzyme performs intelligent device fingerprinting and behavioral analytics to detect rogue actors. Classic signature-based detection methods are just too easy to circumvent in WiFi environments.

Location Discovery

Build a nzyme tracker to physically locate a rogue actor using bandit definitions. First, define the characteristics of the rogue device you want to find, then send someone with a tracker to locate it.

Threat Hunting and Forensics

By sending structured information about each recorded WiFi management frame to Graylog, you can dive into wireless threat hunting or answer questions like "who connected to this rogue access point?".