Nzyme v2.0.0-alpha.12 has been released

April 8, 2024

We are following the alpha.10 release from last week with a new release: alpha.12. You will notice that alpha.11 is missing and you are right. A bug was discovered in alpha.11 and the package has never been fully released. In this release, we fixed an important bug and added a whole new section to the system area.


  • New Feature: Look & Feel / Branding
  • Bugfix: Tap icons were not always loading on floor plans

New Feature: Look & Feel / Branding

You can now influence the look & feel or branding of your nzyme web interface by configuring these new settings:

  • Sidebar Title & Subtitle
  • Login Page Splash Image

You can find the configuration in your System section under Look & Feel.

nzyme Screenshot
The *Look & Feel* configuration page.

Some ideas for the new sidebar include:

  • Changing nzyme to your company service name in the sidebar
  • Adding a setup type like Production 01 as subtitle in the sidebar
  • Replacing the login splash image with your own service or company logo
  • Changing the login splash image to contain instructions for your users
nzyme Screenshot
The login splash page with the default graphics that you can now replace.
nzyme Screenshot
Custom title and subtitle in the sidebar.

Bugfix: Tap icons were not always loading on floor plans

The tap icons were not always properly loading on floor plans. The asset path was not set correctly on many setups due to a programming error. In that case, the standard browser icon for a missing graphic would render on the floor plan.

This has been fixed for all asset path combinations in this release. Sorry about that!

Download & Upgrading

All packages are available for download on the downloads page. Upgrading is easy. Please follow the release notes on the downloads page.

New installations should follow the installation documentation.

How can I help?

You are some of the first users to try out nzyme v2.0.0, and we are looking for any kind of feedback:

  • What didn’t work, what bugs did you experience?
  • What was confusing or seemingly unnecessarily complex?
  • What is missing?
  • What do you think should be changed?

Again, this is an early release and no feelings will be hurt.

You can file issues on GitHub, join the nzyme Discord or post in the discussion forums to provide your feedback or ask questions.

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