Our Priorities

You are looking at a living document that changes as we adapt to the needs of our users. Some priorities might seem very broad considering how early nzyme is in its lifecycle. Please reach out to us if you have questions.

Adoptability & Maintenance

We understand you don't get up every morning to manage our product. We aim to reduce the time required to set up, maintain and scale nzyme to an absolute minimum. We want to improve sensible defaults, automation, configuration interfaces, monitoring, metrics, documentation, onboarding, and in-product help.

Protocol Support

A system like nzyme can only analyze what it can understand. Our goal is to extend the list of network protocols we can parse and make sense of. A principle of nzyme is that we will not put procedures in place to parse encrypted traffic, but there is often still relevant metadata that can be extracted and used.

Detection & Analysis

Not only do we want to ship with more pre-defined detection rules and visualization methods, but we also want to allow more customization. Out-of-the-box content can get you pretty far, but, by nature, every organization and network is different and can significantly benefit from more custom rules.


Why should another system do all the work again if nzyme has already parsed and enriched your network traffic? We want to be the only tap you need and make all the data we already process available to other systems. To accomplish this, we need more forwarders.

Is There a Detailed Roadmap?

Roadmaps are too rigid, try to look too far into the future, and often lead to disappointment. We develop features in short cycles and continuously adapt to what we learn from our users.

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Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions.