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Version: 1.2.1

Using your Tracker

Physically locating a bandit using a tracker is usually following the same pattern of activities:

  1. Nzyme leader detects presents of bandit.
  2. Human operator uses nzyme web interface to instruct an online tracker to start locating the bandit.
  3. Human operator of tracker uses signal strength indicator to physically locate bandit.
  4. Tracking ends upon completion of the task, when the tracking was cancelled by a human operator using the nzyme web interface.

We can break these activites down and look at them in detail. In this example, we'll be looking at data from the TEXTGUI HID, but the principle is the same, no matter which HIDs are in use.

Phase 1: Detection of Bandit#

When a bandit is detected, a BANDIT_CONTACT alert is issued. You will also see the bandit marked as active in the bandits table on the Bandits page: (see annotation 1)


Next up, we have to instruct a tracker to start tracking the bandit.

Phase 2: Instructing Tracker to start Tracking the Bandit#

You can issue start/cancel tracking commands to a tracker from the detail page of a bandit. Click the button at annotation 1:


The status of the tracker will change, indicating that the nzyme LEADER is awiting confirmation from the tracker that it received the request. The uplink protocol can be very lossy, so a message is sent multiple times, until receipt is confirmed by the tracker or until a timeout is reached.


If the message was received, the status will change to Tracking This Bandit. If the timeout is reached, the status will change back to Idle or Dark if the connection to the tracker was completely lost.


Phase 3: Human Operator starts Tracking Bandit#

The operator will start by looking at an idle tracker, with no currently assigned task:


Once the tracking command has been received by the tracker, the HID will indicate that it is now the human operator's task to locate the bandit:


Once the bandit has been detected by the tracker, an active track will be displayed, together with the bandit's signal strength:


It is now the operator's task to locate the bandit. The signal strength will increase the closer the operator is to the bandit.

See also Tracker HIDs for a detailed description of the information displayed on a HID. Review the Trackers page if the concept of trackers does not seem to make sense to you yet.

Phase 4: Tracking ends#

Once the tracking has been cancelled from the nzyme web interface, the tracker will go back into idle mode, not indicating a currently active task: