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Version: 1.2.1



An nzyme probe/adapter failed. It might have been disconnected, stopped on the operating system level or there could be a driver issue. Check your nzyme log file.

The error description field in the alert details can help you understand what the underlying issue is.

Error: not sending or receiving frames#

This means that the probe appears to have a PCAP handle and should be able to receive frames but has not recorded any frames during the max_idle_time_seconds period.

Error: not in send/receive loop#

This means that nzyme cannot listen on the WiFi interface configured for the probe. Has it been unplugged or disabled on the operating system level? The nzyme log file should tell you more.

Possible False Positives#

  • In certain low-traffic environments, a probe might appear idle if no frames have been recorded because no frames existed. Configure the max_idle_time_seconds variable accordingly. See Other Common Problems and configuration reference.


  • None

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