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Nzyme v1.1.1 has been released

· One min read
Lennart Koopmann
Nzyme Developer

This patch release brings the following changes:

  • Fix error when accessing any alert that was generated at 0 milliseconds of a second (#472)
  • Fix ConcurrentModificationException in SignalIndexHistogramWriter (this did not lead to any real issues) (#437)
  • Fix issue where a driver improperly reports multiple signal strengh values, leading to a wrong signal strength measurement (#459)
  • Fix experimental remote input that was always started by default (#450)

Nzyme v1.0 "Kyle Canyon" has been released

· 2 min read
Lennart Koopmann
Nzyme Developer

Today, after about 3 years of weekend hacking, I'm happy to announce that nzyme v1.0 "Kyle Canyon" has been released.

The goal of the free and open nzyme project is to provide a complete platform that helps you to defend your wireless networks. Existing WiFi IDS systems fall short and can be easily spoofed, even by not very sophisticated attackers with commoditized attack platforms. Wireless networks open a huge attack vector and exploiting it is easy compared to alternative vectors.